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Currencies Exchange Offer

The Economics of Exchange Rates by Lucio Sarno, Mark P. Taylor, and Jeffery A. Frankel (Paperback - Mar 3, 2003)Buy new: $45.00 $40.50 19 Used & new from $33.55Get it by Friday, Jun 22, if you order in the next 15 hours and 28 minutes.Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping.Other Editions: HardcoverExcerpt - page 14: "... This was originally suggested in the context of foreign exchange rates by Hakkio (1981) and Baillie, Lippens and McMahon (1983) although, ..." › See more references to Foreign exchange rates in this book.Surprise me! See a random page in this book.
- AUTOMATED * CURRENCY * TRADING - Includes both options: (1)Real Time Entry/Exit Alerts on 26 currency pairs for the investors who want to do it themselves (2)AUTOMATED CURRENCY TRADING for those investors who are unable to trade forex due to lack of time OR don't like to be tied to the computer 6 days a week! Trading is restricted to the most popular, widely traded 4 currency pairs in this hands-off Automated option for safety & liquidity reasons!!! A trial period is available. Forex Watch - Forex Watch - Talk about State of the art! Forex Watch is a service providing almost instant market analysis via a scrolling bulletin board, trading levels, trading systems, ERM page, hourly charts and studies & cross rates. Updates from 1 minute to 15 minutes. It's amazing! "This service is designed for foreign exchange professionals such as Corporate Treasurers, Market Makers, Bankers, Dealers, FX Salespeople, Researchers, Margin Traders and Professional Investors." HIFX - HIFX - Since its foundation, HIFX has helped over 40,000 private individuals buy and transfer currency at commercial exchange rates and the remains committed to providing a level of service, which is rarely given by the main banking establishments. Our whole emphasis is on protecting clients against the inevitable fluctuations in the foreign exchange markets. We reach beyond competitive prices and superior trade execution by investing time in each customer, so that we fully understand your individual requirements. But saving money on the exchange rate is just the start. Every client is allocated a personal dealer to guide them through the process and answer any questions they may have including straightforward explanations of the risks and how to best protect against them. The service is free, as all charges and money transfer costs are built into the exchange rate. We have offices in Australia, New Zealand, San Francisco and the United Kingdom to be able to assist you in your local time zone. Integrity Financial, LLC - Integrity Financial, LLC - Need actual currency conversion, not just rates? You get full interbank rate, our fee is only one percent. Banks charge three to five percent for this. All major currencies, by direct bank-to-bank wire transfer - no "bags of cash" Notary Locator - Notary Locator - A free legal information website which locates and profiles attorneys practising as notaries in all Australian States. Olsen- Olsen - Real-Time currency preditions/timing services Olsen is a world leader in advanced forecasting technology for the financial markets with operations in Zurich and London. The Olsen Information System is a family of decision support tools for the foreign exchange markets. Pacific- Pacific - Policy Analysis Computing & Information Facility in Commerce - - This service provides access to current and historic daily exchange rates through an on-line database retrieval and plotting system. Also provided is a list of all the currencies of the world and the countries' exchange rate arrangements Parkview Financial Inc. - Parkview Financial Inc. - Currency Exchange Offer - "exchange your currency into U.S. Dollars at the best rate (an average of 5 to 10% above the market rate)." Torofx Global Payments - Torofx Global Payments - "Torofx Global Payments provides a comprehensive range of personal, corporate and institutional payment services for companies and individuals doing business internationally. A combination of competitive foreign exchange rates, automated software and outstanding customer service gives us a major advantage when competing with banks." Trust Net - Trust Net - Exchange Rates updated daily. Data provided by TrustNet Limited Tel: +44 (0)171 439 3160 Fax: +44 (0)171734 5480 in conjunction with SBC Warburg, a division of Swiss Bank Corporation .

Managing Global Financial and Foreign Exchange Rate Risk by Ghassem A. Homaifar (Hardcover - Dec 22, 2003)
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Excerpt - page 24: "... of 8 percent interest, -50 percent loss due to unfavorable foreign exchange rate movements, and -4 percent due to the interaction term between ..."
See more references to Foreign exchange rates in this book.
Surprise me! See a random page in this book.

Open Trade

Open Trading
Open TradeOpen Trade (It's all about Money)Beneficial InvestingIf you ask yourself: why not to put my money into some bank. The matter of fact is that no passive deposit will ever compare to the incomes from active investments into one the most profitable legal businesses.Investing free money has two basic objectives: to get the maximum profit; at the same time, keeping the money safe. Unless the money is invested, it will lie dead until it vanishes in the ocean of expenses.Guaranteed IncomeYou probably ask yourself: can there be any trade involving no risk? We make a unique offer: regardless of the trading results we guarantee you a minimal daily income of 0.5% provided by the ever-growing reserve fund. We have good experience in currency trading as well as unique programs of technical analysis we have developed on our own. Our trading system is original: it's the result of the joint work of our team and the specialists from several research institutes for many years.CLIENT AGREEMENTLast updated on June 4, 2007This Agreement provides terms and conditions determining the operation procedure for your account on, an official web-site of Open Trade International, Inc. (hereinafter - "Open Trade" or "Company"). By opening an account on our web-site and by visiting it you (hereinafter - the "Client" or "you") agree to the provisions of this Agreement and abide yourself hereto. Unless you agree to the terms of this Agreement, please, do not visit this web-site.General ProvisionsThe Client transfers money to a trust and Open Trade accepts the obligations to dispose the funds received from the Client exclusively on his/her behalf. Open Trade shall timely pay the profit from trading in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated herein.The Client warranties that all funds deposited at Open Trade are from legitimate source. Open Trade warranties the safety of the funds the Client invests as well as the payment of the minimal daily profit.The money is placed to Open Trade account and the Client receives the profit using E-gold or/and e-Bullion payment systems.All amounts shown on the web-site are in US dollars.Opening of the AccountIn order to participate in the investment project the Client is required to open an account on the Open Trade web-site. While registering the Client shall state accurate and complete personal information.By opening the account the Client acknowledges that he/she has reached the full age according to the legislation of the country of his/her nationality. Unless you are an adult, you cannot enjoy our company's services.The Client may have only one Open Trade account for each payment system (E-gold and/or e-Bullion). If the client wants to invest money using both payment systems, he/she needs to create a separate Open Trade account for each e-currency. Open Trade does not exchange E-gold into e-Bullion and vice versa.The Client shall keep his/her login and password secret and shall not provide this information to any third parties and organizations. In the event of the Client's default to keep the personal information confidential, Open Trade shall not be kept responsible for the safety of the Client's funds, however, it shall, to the full extent, assist in investigating such events.The Client shall retain all documentation confirming the money transfers.The Client shall independently trace the changes in the invested funds.Placing the assets invested by the Client to the Operating Account in the Open Trade system is instant.Investing Terms and ConditionsThe minimum investment is $100 *. There is no maximum limit for the investment.The minimum period for investing is 240 trading days. There is no maximum period for investing.* When the Promotional Package, providing the specially stipulated terms since May 20, 2006 to Nov 20, 2007, is in effect, the minimum investment can be $20, and the maximum investment can be $50. The minimum investing period for the Promotional Package makes up 90 trading days. Please note that you cannot compound with Promotional Package and it cannot be upgraded to higher packages.Profit CalculationA trading report for the previous FOREX trading day can be found on Open Trade web-site, in the Client's personal page on the next calendar day after 9:00 a.m. UTC/GMT.Depending on the investment volume Open Trade provides the following schemes of profit calculation:- Starter Package: When investing from $100 up to $1,000, the maximum daily profit is up to 1.2% of the sum on your Deposit Account.- Medium Package: When investing from $1,001 up to $5,000, the maximum daily profit is up to 1.5% of the sum on your Deposit Account.- Advanced Package: When investing from $5,001 up to $15,000, the maximum daily profit is up to 1.8% of the sum on your Deposit Account.- Professional Package: When investing from $15,001 up to $30,000, the maximum daily profit is up to 2.0% of the sum on your Deposit Account.- Elite Package: When investing from 30,001$ and higher, the maximum daily profit is up to 2.2% of the sum on your Deposit Account.Open Trade charges the Client his/her daily profit based on the trading results.By the end of the trading day the profit under the simple interest is automatically put on hold in the Open Trade system. The trading day ends at 12:00 p.m. UTC/GMT. The money put on hold is accrued to the Operating Account according to the payment scheme selected by the Client (see the section Withdrawal of Profit).Once the money put on hold is accrued to the Client's Operating Account, the Client can withdraw, reinvest or leave it on his/her account.As soon as the funds on the Deposit Account reach the investment package volume with a higher interest rate, the calculation of daily profit is automatically performed in accordance with the interest rate of this package.The profit is calculated during the FOREX trading days except for weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), as well as US and EU bank and public holidays resulting in impossibility to execute the trading transactions on FOREX. You can see the list of holidays here.In addition to weekends and holidays Open Trade reserves the right not to trade for technical reasons. In this event the clients still get the minimum daily profit.The minimum daily profit regardless of the trading results may not be less than 0.5% of the sum invested in Deposit Account. It is fully guaranteed by the Open Trade reserve fund.When trades are successful Open Trade may, in its own discretion, charge bonuses to its Clients.CompoundingThe profit under the compound interest rate is calculated to the Client's Deposit Account at the end of the trading day.All reinvested profits are considered new deposits the investment period of which makes up 240 trading days. The period starts from the moment of the reinvestment.240 trading days after, the profit from the deposits with the compound interest is transferred from the Client's Deposit Account to his/her Operating Account in the Open Trade system.The Client may select the compound rate from 0% to 100% and modify it any time in his/her discretion. The modification of the compound rate comes into effect after the end of a current trading day.As soon as the funds on the Deposit Account reach the investment package volume with a higher interest rate, the calculation of daily profit is performed in accordance with the interest rate of this package.Open Trade reserves the right to terminate the calculation under the compound interest rate to the simple interest, when the sum on the Client's Deposit Account reaches $100,000.Withdrawal of ProfitThe Client manually requests the withdrawal of profit. Withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours from the moment the request is made. The profit can be withdrawn to the e-currency that was used for the investment only. E-gold investments cannot be withdrawn to e-Bullion and vice versa.The minimum amount to withdraw is $1. The maximum amount to withdraw is not limited.Open Trade pays the commission to E-gold and e-Bullion on its own.The sum of initial deposit and all subsequent deposits can be withdrawn 240 trading days after the moment the relevant deposit was invested.The earned profit is withdrawn under the following schemes:- once every two calendar weeks - 0% of the withdrawn sum is charged (set by default).- once a week - 3% of the withdrawn sum is charged.- once a day - 5% of the withdrawn sum is charged.The Client may select the payment scheme and change it any time in his/her discretion. The modification comes into effect after the end of the current payment scheme.Interest on the Balance CalculationEvery day the interest is calculated on the balance of the Operating Account. The annual interest rate is 6%.Referral CommissionOnce the Client has registered the account in Open Trade system he/she joins the referral program and he/she gets a personal referral link.The Client can advertise his/her referral link and attract new investors only by legitimate means.In order to obtain the referral commission, no deposit on the account is required.Open Trade pays the Client the referral commission of 5% of the initial E-gold and/or e-Bullion deposit for every attracted client, and 1% of all subsequent E-gold and/or e-Bullion deposits.The referral commission is paid in E-gold or e-Bullion, depending on the e-currency of the Open Trade account that was used for referral.The referral commission is immediately placed on the Client's Operating Account. The Client may reinvest it, withdraw or leave it on his/her Operating Account.The Client shall not anyhow create several accounts with a view of obtaining the referral commission. In the event Open Trade discovers such a fact, it reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement.Pre-Term Investment RefundThe Client, in his/her discretion, has the right to get the invested funds back. The sum is subject only to a full refund. In this case the Client is charged with a 10% fine of the investments and all paid and not paid profit for the whole investment period is deducted. The invested sum is refunded not later than 2 weeks after the Client's written request to refund is received.Termination of the AgreementOpen Trade independently decides on any transaction with the Client's money.Open Trade has the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement with the Client without any explanations. In this case Open Trade refunds the Client all the money invested as well as the profit paid or due.In case of the Client's default, Open Trade has the right to terminate the Agreement. In this case the invested money is refunded with the deduction of interest payments and sums of the damage incurred by Open Trade due to the Client's fault. Open Trade solely determines the sum of the damage.The Client has the right to unilateral termination of the Agreement upon his/her written notice. In this case the Client is charged with 10% fine of the invested sum and all paid and unpaid profit for the investment period is deducted. The invested money is refunded in accordance with the conditions of profit withdrawal.Tax CollectionYou acknowledge and agree that Open Trade does not collect tax for any authority in any form or manner unless required by law.It is your sole responsibility to calculate and pay all taxes due in your country of residence or otherwise as a result of obtaining the profit.CopyrightAll content, trademarks, logos and icons are the property of Open Trade and are protected by copyright laws and international treaties and regulations.Images displayed on the website are either the property of Open Trade or used with its permission. You agree not to upload, post, reproduce or distribute any information, software or other material protected by copyright or any other intellectual property right without the prior permission of the owner and the prior written consent of Open Trade.Nothing contained on the website shall be construed as granting any license or right to use any trademarks without the written permission of Open Trade. The use of the trademarks, or any other content of the website, except as provided herein, is strictly prohibited.Disclosure of Client's Personal InformationOpen Trade will not share or sell information regarding its clients and/or prospective clients. Open Trade may disclose to regulatory agencies and law enforcement authorities information regarding the client and client's transactions in response to a request for such information or in response to a court order or subpoena.Modification of the AgreementOpen Trade reserves the right to modify this Agreement any time and you shall regularly look through the news on Open Trade web-site, since your continuing use of this web-site shall mean your consent to all such modifications.The modifications in the Agreement come into effect a week after they are published on the web-site.Governing Law and Dispute SettlementThis Agreement is governed by legislation of the Republic of Panama.In case of any dispute or difficulty in regard to this Agreement the Client shall immediately notify Open Trade in writing. All disputes are resolved by negotiating. Unless the dispute is resolved, it is settled by court in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Panama.

Loan Search By Forex Trade

Loan finding By Forex Trade
Finding a LoanFinding A loan Find a loanIf you're searching for good loan companies, the easiest way to go about it is to learn a bit about the loans market and decide what type of loan you need. There are so many available, you should be able to find one to suit your needs. Here's the guide to finding your perfect loan company.Loan companies: High street banks and building societiesPros: With this type of loan company, you know what you're getting because you're probably familiar with the brand. All high street loan companies have branches throughout the country, so you can usually speak to someone in person about your loan. The company will probably offer the option of banking online as well as in person.Cons: A high street loan company will usually charge a bit more in interest than an online one. They may also require you to make an appointment with an advisor if you wish to discuss your finances.Posted by mahesh at 1:00 AM 0 comments Online Stock TradingThe Benefits Of Online Stock Market TradingRegardless of whether you are an experienced stock trader or new to trading stock, you may never have experienced the joy of stock trading online. If that's the case, and you are currently thinking of trading online, you may want to know what all the fuss is about! To help you understand, the following are just some of the benefits of online stock market trading:CommissionsOne of the biggest, if not the biggest, benefit of trading stocks online is the reduced stock broker commissions you�ll be expected to pay. In most cases, when trading stock online, brokers will charge you a commission of between $7 and $10 per trade. However, if you trade in sufficiently large enough volume, it is possible for you to negotiate with your broker so that these brokers� fees can be as low as $0.01 of the transaction value. ControlWhen you use a broker in the real world you may find that your broker will not agree to execute a trade, believing your decision to buy or sell the stock in question is flawed. When you trade stock online this is no longer a problem, your broker has no input as to when you buy and sell stock � you do! PortfolioIn the real world some brokers will not buy certain stock � for example, some penny stocks. This may limit the stock you are able to have as part of your investment portfolio. However, when you trade online, subject to availability, you can trade in any stock - on any stock exchange - you want! InformationWith the use of computer software programs, you can use stock charts, technical indicators and real time stock prices to help you make the investment decision you want to make, when you want to make it. TimeOne of the essential elements about trading stock is the time it takes to execute the trade, as this can mean the difference between making a profit and making a loss. In the real world you have to phone your broker and ask him to sell/buy the stock. The broker then phones the trader, who gives the broker the price. The broker than tells you the price and you either agree to buy/sell or not to. If you agree to buy/sell, the trader then phones the order through to the trader. Online you push your mouse over a cursor and press buy/sell. A much quicker sell! VolumeAssuming you are happy paying the commission, you can trade as large or small as you want over the Internet. In the real world, most brokers require a minimum buy/sell that is out of the reach of most individual traders. Finally�All in all, online stock trading is about �you�. It provides you with the opportunity to trade in stocks without having to pay large commissions while keeping control over your investment decisions.Posted by mahesh at 12:59 AM 0 comments Monday, May 21, 2007Why Trade Forex With FXTSP?Our relationship with one of the largest non-bank FCM's and one of the world's largest Forex Dealer Members (according to the financial data posted on the CFTC website) allows us to offer you:A topnotch forex trading platform, a 24 hour/7 days a week unparalleled degree of support in 15 languages and many other benefits such as FREE superior trading tools which are unique in the world of forex trading . Did you know that thousands of new traders each month choose the FX Trading Platform to trade forex online!*Our size and financial strength guarantees better execution for our clients. Because the Forex market is an over the counter market with no centralized exchange, not everyone receives access to the same prices or quality of execution. The worlds largest banks tend to provide better prices and execution to institutions with the largest trade volume and the most solid financials. $200,000,000,000 ($200 billion) in notional volume per month is traded via FXCM's trading platform, and FXCM is one of the most well-capitalized Forex Dealer Members. Accounting to the financial data posted on the CFTC website, as one of the oldest and largest high-volume retail online Forex brokers, FXCM has built strong execution relationships with many of the worlds largest international banks. FXCM receives and is able to pass on the benefits of size, better prices, and better execution to our clients.Over the last three decades the foreign exchange market has become the world's largest financial market, with over US$2 trillion traded daily. Forex is part of the bank-to-bank currency market known as the 24-hour Interbank market. The Interbank market literally follows the sun around the world, moving from major banking centers of the United States to Australia, New Zealand to the Far East, to Europe then back to the United States.Forex Market Summary of Benefits– Forex is open 24 hours a day.– Forex is the most liquid market in the world.– Up to 400:1 leverage.Without appropriate use of risk management,a high degree of leverage can lead to large lossesas well as gains.– No restrictions on shorting which allows you toenjoy trading opportunities during any marketcondition.Until recently, the forex market wasn't for the average trader or individual speculator. With the large minimum transaction sizes and often-stringent financial requirements, banks, hedge funds, major currency dealers and the occasional high net-worth individual speculator were the principal participants. These large traders were able to take advantage of the many benefits offered by the forex market vs. other markets, including fantastic liquidity and the strong trending nature of the world's primary currency exchange rates.GFT Gives You the Access and Resources to Trade ForexAs a primary market-maker in foreign currency trading, Global Forex Trading is able to offer smaller transactional sizes and allow traders of almost any size, including individual speculators or smaller companies, the opportunity to trade the same rates and price movements as the large players who once dominated the forex market. Currency trading is not conducted on a regulated exchange, and as a result there are associated risks with forex trading.The forex market removes the traditional barriers that exist in other markets without restricting the forex traders' ability to make a trade at the right times.Posted by mahesh at 9:35 PM 0 comments
Forex Trading Basics
The global foreign exchange market is the biggest market in the world. The USD 1.2 trillion daily turnover dwarfs the combined turnover of all the world's stock and bond markets.There are many reasons for the popularity of foreign exchange trading, but among the most important are the leverage available, the high liquidity 24 hours a day and the very low dealing costs associated with trading.Of course many commercial organisations participate purely due to the currency exposures created by their import and export activities, but the main part of the turnover is accounted for by financial institutions. Investing in foreign exchange remains predominantly the domain of the big professional players in the market - funds, banks and brokers. Nevertheless, any investor with the necessary knowledge of the market's functions can benefit from the advantages stated above.In the following, we would like to introduce you to some of the basic concepts of foreign exchange trading. If you would like any further information, we suggest that you sign up for a FREE Membership on this website, where you will be able to exchange views with other FX traders and get answers to any questions you might have.Posted by mahesh at 9:34 PM 0 comments
Commission-free forex tradingTrade on spreads as low as 1-2 pips on the most widely traded currencies. As always, you pay no commissions at, only the bid/offer spread. Our fractional pip pricing is the most precise quoting currently available to forex traders anywhere and is designed to help you take advantage of smaller price movements.


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Share Market

Share Market
Share MarketShare Market Glossary:Arbitrage : Business of buying in one exchange and selling in another to take advantage of price differences.Auction : A mechanism used by the Stock Exchange to fulfill its obligation to the buyer of a security. It is done when the seller is unable to deliver the scrips sold by him. The security in question is offered by a member who has ready possession of the scrips.Bear : An operator who expects the share price to fallBear Market : A weak and falling market where buyers are absentBlue Chips : Shares of financially sound, well established companies with a track record of good growth and regular payment of dividends.Bonus Shares : Shares allotted to the existing shareholders by capitalising the reserves into additional capital. When market expects a company to come out with a Bonus Issue, the price of the shares normally goes up.Book Closure : A company closes its register of members for updating the records to facilitate payment of dividends or issue of rights of bonus shares. Book closure is the period during which this process is done and deliveries are not effected in the clearing house.Bourse : A Stock ExchangeBull : An operator who expects the share price to rise and takes position in the market to sell at a later date.Bull Market : A rising market where buyers far outnumber the sellersCall Option : An option where the buyer gets the right to buy the underlying security at a specified future date.Carry Forward : Settlement where positions are carried forward from one settlement to another settlement.Cash Settlement : Payment for transactions done in one settlement on the due date.Circuit Breaker : A mechanism used to restrain the market when it gets overheated. The Exchange may relax the limit after a cooling off period of about half an hour.Clearing House : It is a legal counter party to both legs of every trade. The netted purchase and sale positions of the trading Members are settled through the Clearing House.Company Objection : In some cases, the companies send back the certificates received for transfer citing reasons for their inability to do so. The letter sent by the Company is known as Company Objection.Cum Bonus : A share is described as cum bonus when the purchaser is entitled for current bonusCum Dividend : A shares is described as cum dividend when the purchaser is entitled for current dividendCum Rights : A share is described as cum rights when the purchaser is entitled for current rightsDay Order : The quantity that remains untraded is not cancelled until the end of the day.Dealer : A Dealer is a user who works on behalf of the Trading MemberDelivery Based Trading : When a share is bought or sold for the purpose of receiving or effecting deliveries.Dematerialisation : Process of converting a security from physical form to electronic formDerivatives : A financial contract between two or more parties and it is derived from the future value of an underlying asset.Disclosed Quantity : An order entered in the system wherein only a fraction of the order quantity is disclosed to the market.Dividend : Cash payment made to the shareholders out of the profits of the company.Ex Bonus : A share is described as Ex Bonus when the buyer is not entitled for the Bonus. The seller remains the beneficiary.Ex Dividend : A share is described as Ex Dividend when the buyer is not entitled for the Dividend. The seller remains the beneficiary.Ex Rights : A share is described as Ex Rights when the buyer is not entitled for the Rights. The seller remains the beneficiary.Expiry Date : The date and time after which a writer of an option cannot exercise his rights.Exposure Limit : The limit allowed to the Broker by the Exchange or to the customer by broker. It is the total value upto which one is allowed to hold open positions at any point of time.Futures Contract : An agreement between parties for a specified asset for performance on a fixed date in future.Hedging : It is protecting an existing asset position from an adverse future position. A hedger takes an equal and opposite position in the futures market to the one he holds in the equity market.Insider Trading : Trading carried out by people who have access to non public price sensitive information.Limit Order : A buy or sell order where price is specified at the time of order entryLong Position : A bull position in a securityMargin : An upfront payment made by the customer to take position in the market. His exposure limit is fixed based on the margin money brought in by him.Mark To Market : A notional profit or loss of a long or short position as compared to the current market price.Market Order : An order where no price specification is mentioned at the time of placementNSCCL : National Securities Clearing Corporation Limited. The Clearing Corporation of the National Stock Exchange.NSE : National Stock ExchangeOffer : The price at which a share is available in the marketOffer Price : The price at which a company offers its shares to the public through issue of a prospectusOrder Cancellation : A facility available in the trading system where one is allowed to cancel the order placed earlier.Order Modification : A facility available in the trading system where one is allowed to modify an earlier order.Pay In : The designated day on which the members pay securities and funds to the clearing housePay Out : The designated day on which the Clearing House effects payment and deliveries to the membersPrice Band : It sets up the upper and lower limits for a share's movement on any given day. It is based on the previous trading day's closing price. The system will not accept the orders that are out of bound.Price Rigging : A process where persons collude to artificially increase or decrease the price of a securityPut Option : An option where the buyer gets the right to sell the underlying security at a specified future date.Quote : Prices at which a share can be bought or soldRecord Date : The date on which the beneficial owner of the Corporate Benefits is determined.Rematerialisation : Process of converting the shares from electronic form to physical formRights Issue : Issue of new share to the existing shareholders at a price which is normally lower than the current market price of the old shares. It is issued in a fixed ratio to the those shares which are already held.SEBI : The Securities Exchange Board of India, the regulatory body controlling the functioning of Stock Exchanges in India.Stop Loss Order : An order placed with a 'trigger price'. It is placed to minimise the losses and the order can be either for a purchase or a sale.Volume : The total number of shares that are transacted in a scrip. It helps in analyzing and understanding the reasons behind priceGeneral Market Advice: 1. Never chase a stock.2. Buy when markets are in the grip of panic.3. Only buy fundamentally strong stocks, which are undervalued.4. Buy stocks grown in top line and bottom line over the past years.5. Invest in companies with proven management.6. Avoid loss-making companies.7. PE Ratio and Growth in earnings per share are the key.8. Look for the dividend paying record.9. Invest in stocks for sure returns.10. Stocks have been the high yielding asset class over the past.11. Stocks are an asset class.12. The basic property of any asset class is to grow.13. Buy when everyone is selling and sell when everyone buys.14. Invest a fixed amount each month.Last But not least Trust our tips and then invest to earn huge profitClick here for Indian stock market tips Sharetipsinfo Team.